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The transformation of Westpac's business involved a trusted, ongoing working engagement with Sysdoc to deliver major technology and process changes to all parts of the customer-facing business.

The Preferred Outsourced Partner

Westpac New Zealand is an Australian-owned bank and financial services provider. Westpac Australia is one of Australia's ‘big four’ banks and is Australia's first and oldest banking institution. Westpac in New Zealand is a dominant provider of banking services to small to medium business, corporate and institutional organisations, and is the banker of the New Zealand government. It offers a full-service with around 1.5 million customers, 3,000 shareholders and 197 branches nationwide.

Between 2001 and 2004 Sysdoc was engaged by Westpac as the outsource partner on a series of projects to evaluate, conceptualise, prototype and build a knowledge portal called Information Station®. Information Station® is a custom-designed and built site, moving from a manual paper-based business to enabling an online environment. With over 6,000 Westpac employees impacted by this change, success was critical.

In 2008, Sysdoc were again engaged as the preferred outsourced partner to support Westpac through the Information Station® redesign. Westpac initiated a project to provide improvements to Information Station® to meet business requirements in a cost-effective manner.

The Challenge:

The programme faced significant challenges:

  • Full paper-based working environment
  • Multiple databases used by various areas of the business
  • Lack of dynamic search and reliable resources
  • Manual delivery of information
  • Significant impairments to productivity
  • Lack of clarity of the ownership model
  • Basic reporting and lack of visibility of trusted company data
  • Multiple versions of the same document

The Outcome

Sysdoc consultants flexed in and out to deliver:

  • Migration of an estimated 7500 copies of 28 branch manuals and content
  • Development and improvements of Information Station® - knowledge portal
  • 50+ corporate databases disabled into one online content management system
  • Improved navigation and refined search engine
  • Faster delivery of information
  • Improved productivity and cost equation
  • Review of the ownership model
  • Improved reporting, trusted data and cost efficiency
  • One source of truth for all customer facing staff
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Stats showing the challenge


Paper Copies of Branch Manuals


Branch Manual

8 Hours

Per day Branch Manuals were used.

5 Days

Per week Branch Manuals being used.

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