Environment, Health and Safety

Creating robust resources for Environment, Health and Safety.

Environment, Health and Safety

Creating robust resources for Environment, Health and Safety.

Safety and Sustainability First

Onsite work can expose people to multiple hazards and the potential impact of an adverse event - especially when working in manufacturing, maintenance, warehousing and related roles. For more than 20 years we have been working with multiple clients to improve environmental management, and Health and Safety outcomes.  

Sysdoc has a passion in both areas, and we take great pride in the work we do to make New Zealand a better and safer place to live and work.

We have supported many organisations by designing and developing blended learning solutions, including e-Learning, classroom-based training, self-paced materials, scenario-based learning, on the job coaching, videos and quick reference guides. Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) enables the development of-Learning and interactive classroom workshops for the appropriate audience and any regulatory partners.

Environmental, Health and Safety Solutions

Throughout our decades of experience, we have partnered with organisations  globally to shift the dial on their Environment, Health and Safety requirements.

Learning Solutions

Through learning strategies and interventions, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of following environmental and safety regulations. This ensures that companies not only do right by their stakeholders and employees, but by our planet too.

Eco-friendly Operations and Worker Safety

We are at the heart of it all, unlocking the process understanding and learner engagement that helps companies ensure effective worker safety and eco-friendly operations.

Regulatory Compliance

Through our guidance, companies not only navigate complex regulatory landscapes effectively but also transform their operations to be more environmentally responsible. By partnering with Sysdoc, you can confidently navigate the evolving regulatory environment.

A Sustainable Business

Our holistic approach ensures that sustainable practices become an integral part of a company's DNA, resulting in long-term benefits for both the business and the planet. We work with you to make significant strides towards a more sustainable future.

Our Clients

We have had the privilege to partner with our clients to deliver successful outcomes.

Ministry for the Environment
Fletcher Building
Ports of Auckland

20+ Years delivering Environment, Health and Safety Projects


Staff trained in Environmental Management, and Health and Safety


Projects delivered across global locations.


Years delivering Environmental Health and Safety projects.


eLearning courses developed.

Case Studies

We believe that the best way to showcase our expertise and the value we bring to our clients is through real-world examples.

The project has made a real step change in the time and cost of our contractor inductions. The benefits have flowed to our contractors as well as our own sites from reduced time commitment and accuracy and the availability of induction records.

Barry McColl


GM National Transport & Logistics



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs for our Environment, Health and Safety solution.

Does Sysdoc have off the shelf training?

Yes, we do but our value is in the localisation of the content to ensure it hits the mark with your people and is contextualised to make it relevant.

What services do you provide?

Sysdoc provides the following services:

  • Change Management
  • Communications
  • Training leadership, design, development, delivery and evaluation
  • Digital learning design and development.  This includes eLearning, videos, animation and graphics
  • Process design, modelling and leadership
  • Documentation development
  • Knowledge management solutions.

Do you carry out health and safety risk assessments?

No, our specialty lies in the delivery of services to change behaviours, lift health and safety outcomes, simplify processes and deliver effective training in environment, health and safety systems.

Do you have Health and Safety qualified experts?

Yes, we have a number of staff trained and qualified in Health and Safety though our superpower is being highly skilled in learning, process, and change, no matter the topic. We will always work with your subject matter experts to co-design any content.

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