Holistic Organisational Design Putting the Customer First

Our organisational design work, in collaboration with the executive team developed a revised organisation structure to support the new business strategy.

Restructuring To Reflect External Changes

Our client is a privately-owned company providing specialised data services globally to organisations with complex supply chains. The company was seeking to bring a large number of regional businesses into a globally integrated organisation, each focusing on the requirements of one business sector, and putting the customer first.

Organisations are increasingly finding that they must restructure their procurement and supply chain functions, and further departments including sales, customer service and operations to reflect external changes including globalisation.

The changes however have to ensure that the customer continues to be top of mind. So businesses are seeking a holistic approach to OD change.

Putting the customer first is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, when our client approached us to undertake organisational design work to ensure they were living and breathing being a customer-led organisation, we were happy to help.

Our Approach

The process we took was extremely collaborative, with heavy engagement with the owners of the functions being redesigned, the strategy director who had developed the overall business strategy, HR to plan and support implementation and Finance to develop the business case and integrate the plans with the budget.

We used a tool – OrgVue – to analyse the existing organisation structure, and then to inform a detailed target organisation structure for the future. Alongside this, we also completed a large amount of work which would support the changes to the organisational design.

From modelling activity volumes to determine optimal resource levels, to the development of a job family framework with career paths, our work ensured that this redesign delivered to the individuals too – both inside and outside the organisation – as an example of holistic change.

The Benefits

The benefits are already being felt, with roles in the new structure having far clearer accountabilities, with more strategy and a clear career path. Operating costs are reduced, and the board expressed confidence that the changes will result in a stronger, more profitable business, with stronger revenue streams and improved net promoter scores.

On behalf of the CEO and the rest of the executive team I want to thank you for the major role you have played in delivering the start of our biggest transformation journey. I know you've worked extremely hard and under pretty challenging circumstances.


Chief Commercial Officer


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