SAP-Enabled Transformation Delivering a Single Way of Working to a Global Workforce

Sysdoc supported a multi-year, global transformation programme at the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, designed to implement standard ways of working across a series of global functions.

Implementing Standard Ways of Working

The programme involved the implementation of new organisation models, standardised processes, new behaviours and ways of working to over 30,000 global employees. The programme was underpinned by the implementation of an SAP ECC6 platform replacing a series of legacy IT solutions, many of which were inherited under earlier ownership.

Our client had been tasked with introducing a programme to enable global expansion:

  • Replace legacy systems and processes
  • Reduce reliance on nationwide sales and supply chain
  • Implement a model supporting Global Business Expansion  (GBE).

The programme was initiated by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with support from the CEO and was designed with these three objectives in mind. It was designed from the outset to be a multi-year global programme with a significant budget; but would become the backbone of the ambitious global expansion plans that would ultimately propel the organisation from a UK-based car manufacturer to a global automotive innovator and competitor to other luxury car brands.

The programme was split into several phases aligned to core process areas, all of which were supported by Sysdoc, outlined below:

  • GL/Finance
  • Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay, Record to Report, Hire to Retire
  • Global Vehicle Warranty.

Our Approach

Sysdoc brought deep organisational change management expertise and following Sysdoc’s proven Transformational Change methodology, with Change Experts embedded within a number of the business teams, we successfully transitioned a 30,000 strong workforce to new ways of working with minimal impact to business operations. Supporting this was an active and effective Change Network, a community of business users who were equipped to support their colleagues at the point of change.

Our Process Excellence team underpinned the changes that were being implemented with the development of a first-rate to-be process architecture, considering key elements such as controls, roles, KPIs, inputs and outcomes. Aligned to this was the development of a suite of procedure documents which detailed the key-stroke level activities to be performed by each role impacted by the change.

Sysdoc also supported the implementation of a number of organisational changes across the business, working closely with business leaders and HR teams to ensure the changes were deployed with minimal impact to employees and day-to-day operations.

An exciting and innovative communications campaign targeted to reach out to every impacted employee was developed, and was immensely successful in engaging people across a variety of media.

As with any transformation programme, key to its success was ensuring leadership understood the changes to both themselves and their teams. The Sysdoc Change Management and Communications team developed a leadership engagement approach, starting with roadshow events for the C-suite which were then cascaded through directors, senior managers and managers across the business.

Learning Innovation

Sysdoc trained over 30,000 employees across the programme. These employees were trained through a variety of methods; our blended-learning approach included techniques from Instructor Led-Training (ILT) in classrooms, cutting-edge eLearning, and other mobile methods, meeting the employee at the point of need. Bespoke content was developed to ensure that system, process and behavioural changes were trained out and every impacted employee was educated in new ways of working.

Digital Experience

Our User Experience team worked with the business to design a Knowledge Portal, created to provide a single intuitive access point to processes, role-based information as well as training, communications and support materials. This was used for communications, change and training activities throughout the programme and has evolved into a global company-wide platform for all processes, policies, procedures and content.

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The Results


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Portal provided a single intuitive access point.

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