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Keeping the target audience in mind, we developed a human-centred training solution that would best meet Serko’s objectives.

Serko is a technology company that was founded in 2007 to provide innovative solutions to address the challenges of corporate travel and expense management. It is a market leader in its category and is listed on both the New Zealand Stock Exchange and the Australia Stock Exchange. Serko’s online solutions are used in over 180 countries by more than 5,000 corporate entities and travel management companies (TMCs) that book around US$4.5bn of transactions a year through its platforms.

Serko’s flagship product is the Zeno travel and expense management platform for business travel, whose primary sales channel is Serko’s TMC partners who sell Zeno to corporate clients as part of their travel management solutions.

We were engaged by Serko to grow Zeno’s market share by developing a sales enablement solution that would raise the capability and confidence of their TMC partners’ salespeople. Our target audience thus was not Serko employees, but rather those of Serko’s TMC partners. This meant that we needed to communicate and demonstrate the value of our solution to the TMC partners to ensure their initial and continued involvement. 

To ensure our training solution would deliver on Serko’s objectives, we employed human-centred design principles in three phases: 

  1. Discovery and design 
  1. Develop and test 
  1. Delivery

The discovery phase confirmed our proposed design: self-paced learning, followed by a workshop. Our three self-paced knowledge builder online courses focussed on: 

  • Zeno’s value proposition - Welcome Aboard Zeno 
  • Zeno’s features and benefits - Your Ticket to Fly Zeno 
  • Zeno’s demo - The Zeno Flight Simulator

Since its launch, the Get Your Zeno Wings program has had two new courses added to the program – Back in the Air with Zeno. focusing on Zeno’s COVID features, and Zeno Mission Zero, focusing on sustainability features available in Australia and New Zealand.

I wish I had this when I started... the other technology companies don’t provide anything like this.



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Serko’s TMC partners

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Confidence rating talking about Zeno after completion, up from 35%.


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New courses added to the programme since launch.

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