Competency Assessment Tool

Evaluate, assess, and develop your people’s capability with our Competency Assessment Tool.

Understand Your People

Boosting capability in your team starts with understanding their current knowledge and skill levels. Our Competency Assessment Tool does just that – simply and accurately evaluating competency levels so you can focus your training efforts and spend where it will have the most impact.  

Based in SharePoint, the assessment tool is simple to use and integrates with PowerBI, so you can present insights through immersive visuals or interactive reporting.

Key Features:

  • Engaging UI and UX-focused design.  
  • Preset or manager-calibrated assessment pathways.  
  • Clear, easy-to-interpret reports for employees and leadership.  
  • Multiple frameworks cover multiple roles within a single tool.
  • An easy-to-use admin tool for ongoing data maintenance and updates. 
  • Explore mode allows users to see how they fit against other roles.
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What makes our Competency Assessment Tool different?

Simple, engaging and customisable, our assessment tool makes it easier to understand your people.  

Assess against your capabilities.

Instead of assessing generic skills, our section-based tool lets you customise questions to your business and evaluate competencies across multiple roles.

Track your people’s progress.

Intuitive, informative reports on your people and BI reports on your business gives you insight into how your people are learning.

Focus training where it matters most.

By evaluating existing strengths and identifying competency gaps, you can focus your training where’s it’s needed and maximise the value of your spend.

Plan and hire effectively.

Deepening your understanding of current capabilities helps you plan changes to your workforce and move quickly if your competency needs change.

Boost competency, lift productivity.

The more capable and knowledgeable your workforce, the more productive it can be – helping you achieve more with the same number of workers.

Keep your people around.

Giving your team focused personal development goals and a way to increase their work skills can help boost retention rates.

Seamless integration with M365 apps.

Based in SharePoint, our assessment tool slots into your Microsoft 365 environment for simple, secure data sharing and reporting.

Satisfied Customers

Over the past 18 months, Sysdoc have played a key role in supporting our implementation of an organisation wide capability development framework.

Farmers Mutual Group

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs for our Competency Assessment Tool.

Where is my data stored and how is it secured?

Our solution is deployed to SharePoint Online within your Microsoft 365 tenant. All the data is stored in your environment and protected by any security controls you have in place.

What reporting do we get?

Users have access to their personal reports within the tool.

Manager, team and organisation level reporting is delivered through Power BI reports and dashboards. We have a standard set of reports that come as part of the solution.

We can also develop additional custom reporting and integrations to link with your systems.

Can we create our own reports?

Yes, we’ll provide you with the Power BI dataset and report files so you can build out your own reports.

Can we integrate with our HR (or other) data and systems?

Yes, if the data or system is accessible to Power BI we can integrate that information into our reports.

Can you help with developing our competency framework?

Yes we have consultants in our team that can help you develop the framework and statements for your team.

Can you help with developing learning resources for build our teams capability?

Yes, check out our services in Learning Innovation.

Can we do a 360 assessment or calibration?

Yes, we have different options for manager or user led 360 or calibration flows.

Is your solution integrated with other applications?

Yes, our solution is built within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and we integrate with the likes of Teams, Power BI and Outlook. Using Power Automate we can also integrate with other services.

Can we apply our corporate branding?

Yes, rebranding is easy, you can use your own logo, colour scheme and labels within the tool.

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