Simpler, smarter, data-enabled change tool.

Serendata Transformation Intelligence Platform

Serandata brings change data to life with powerful analytics and real-time, data-informed reporting. This insight mitigates the risk of change overload, conflicting business priorities and other factors that can impact the success of change initiatives. Decisions can be made at pace based on one trusted source of truth.

A secure SAAS platform Serendata Insight is easy to implement and use and flexible to adapt to existing methodologies.

Serendata is our Transformation Intelligence Innovation Platform, with two integrated tools.

Serendata Insight

Instantly capture, visualise and analyse all your change data across your entire portfolio.


Empower your change teams to rapidly capture and interactively achieve data completeness.

Insight focuses your teams on what is important whilst giving you the flexibility to tailor your change workspace through custom fields and rapid master data management.

Serendata Insight


Surface and compare data across your organisation.​

Quickly identify focus areas or data gaps ensuring you always have your finger on the pulse of your change delivery. Compare change delivery performance and analytical insights at all levels of your organisations.

Serendata Insight


Bring your data to life with our suite of interactive visualisations and metrics.

Gain a rich visual summary of your data instantly with trends, totals and multi-facet graphs to help you make the important decisions in your change journey and rapidly highlight key facts across your business.

Serendata Insight

Serendata Pulse

Schedule Surveys

Track stakeholder feelings throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. Automated survey scheduling significantly reduces Change Manager workload.

Serendata Pulse

Discovery & Benchmarking

Automate your stakeholder discovery, significantly reducing Change Manager workload during Project initiation. Benchmark initial metrics to track against going forward.

Serendata Pulse

Reporting & Analytics

Continue tracking project sentiment and success after go-live and after all the Change Managers have been rolled off.

Use analytics to spot and mitigate fires before they happen.

Serendata Pulse
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Serendata Insight – delivering full value from your investment in change

We believe managing complex change should be simpler, that’s why we built Serendata, calling on over 30 years of expert consulting experience from Sysdoc.


A consistent approach and central source of data capture. Provides a trusted, real-time view of change across your organisation, informing intelligent decision making.


Visibility of all change activities impacting a function or area of business, informs better scheduling of change activities and enhances stakeholder experience.


Quickly identify areas of concern or potential change overload via evidence based insights across your portfolio of change. Empowers leaders and executives to make informed decisions

Transformation Intelligance

Over time build an asset that provides insight and intelligence into the planning, scheduling and delivery of transformation and change. Dramatically improving programme success and return on investment.


Improve speed to adoption with full end-to-end view of change, supporting programme delivery and tracking of business benefits. Continue momentum in BAU providing targeted support as required.


Enable collaboration across change teams, with transparent views of concurrent projects and initiative. Reduce double handling and discover opportunities for crioss project activity.

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