Simpler, Smarter Site Access Inductions

Through in-depth collaboration with Fonterra, we developed online induction modules for 32 Fonterra sites.

Developing Online Induction Modules

We have had a long-standing relationship with New Zealand’s largest company, Fonterra for over 20 years.

Each year thousands of service contractors and Fonterra employees must complete site access inductions for each site they visit. Previously, these inductions varied from site to site and were delivered inconsistently. They were often face-to-face, recorded manually, and challenging to track.  

Our Approach

Through in-depth collaboration with Fonterra, we developed online induction modules for 32 Fonterra sites. These micro-modules have standardised and streamlined the induction training, resulting in shorter, more engaging learning that captures site-specific critical Health and Safety information to keep everyone safe.  

Being digital, the modules can be updated easily when site procedures or regulations change. It’s much easier to track completions as they are stored and viewed in Fonterra’s Learning Management System. As the modules can be completed virtually from anywhere before visitors come on-site, they save valuable time for contractors and Fonterra employees, and are a huge cost saving for Fonterra.

Example of eLearning course on mobile device

The Outcome

Sysdoc enhanced Fonterra's strict site-specific training program by developing the easy-to-use Transport Contractor Induction Mobile Learning modules. These enable the drivers to log in and complete their induction anywhere, before arriving on site.


Sysdoc received the following awards for these online induction eLearning modules:

Thank you for digitising the site inductions for our people, it is so much quicker for them to complete these and get them on site.’ ‘Our people are loving using only one process to complete all their national and site inductions.

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