Supplier of Defence Services

Our customer is a key supplier to one of the UK’s defence services, and they support several of the most complex engineering programmes delivered globally.

Customer Challenge

Sysdoc has been working with this customer on an organisation-wide transformation programme since 2015. The programme aims to transform the business by providing 4000+ people with the right tools, processes, systems, skills, and capabilities to deliver service excellence wherever they work.

The Challenge

Following a period of perceived disruptive change across the business, Sysdoc was engaged by the customer to conduct analyses and deliver a programme. The aim was to improve operational efficiency by improving operational processes and developing people capability. The overarching objective of the programme is to assure ship delivery and availability.

A Sysdoc Lean Six Sigma expert led the learning team and further comprised a range of both Sysdoc technical learning consultants and digital learning consultants.

Our Approach

Sysdoc analysed 32 capabilities in 15 business areas to identify the following:

  • Areas where operational efficiency could improve
  • Root causes for the inefficiency
  • Capability gap.

Sysdoc worked closely at all levels, engaging Leadership to understand their key priorities and strategies and conducted workplace observations within the workforce. The results of the analyses were categorised and prioritised using a RAG status:

RAG status example image
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How we achieved this:


Delivered instructor-led training courses.


Assets including micro-learning videos and other performance-support assets.


Delivered interventions and improvements by the local team.



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