Working with Global Businesses

Working in partnership with a major global manufacturing business undergoing a significant transformation due to changes in market needs and their commitment to global sustainability requirements.

Analysis and Approaches Adopted

Sysdoc worked in partnership with a major global manufacturing business, which was undergoing a significant transformation due to changes in market needs and their commitment to global sustainability requirements.

They were looking to downsize one sector of their business, whilst investing significantly in key growth areas.


  • Urgency to remain competitive in an increasingly saturated market.
  • Global requirement to heavily invest in sustainable energy.
  • High market competition.

Without effective and timely transformation, the organisation would not have remained competitive and would have lost market share in their emerging sectors.

Approaches Adopted

With no consolidated view of the portfolio impacts, Sysdoc identified 22 large scale transformation initiatives across the impacted sector.

  • Change impact assessment: Carried out across all initiatives, with the impact on each audience assessed.
  • Impact timing assessment: Ensuring that the consolidated view of Project vs Impact vs Function vs Time was understood.

The result of this piece of work provided visibility of the impacts across the organisation against the planned timescales. This was the first initiative of this kind to have taken place within our client.


The results of the analysis, using Sysdoc’s Insight Change Platform showed there were significant change ‘hotspots’ over a 12-month period. Some business functions and sectors were being heavily impacted throughout the year.

For example, it was highlighted that in one month, manufacturing was impacted by 25 large scale changes. This presented a risk to output levels. Had this not been realised, the organisation would have suffered a significant loss in revenue and the potential inability to meet customer requirements. The long term-damage would have been a cost to reputation and future business.

Other sites around the global were identified as having a high level of impacts at key points in time. Following Sysdoc’s analysis, it was possible to work with those sites, ensuring that the resources required to support the initiatives had been made available. Thus enhancing the chance of success, and mitigating the risk of change fatigue.

How We Achieved This

  • Allowed our client to make decisions based on the data presented through enabled by the portfolio visibility of change impacts.
  • Ensured that projects could be replanned and aligned to timelines that best fit their strategic direction.
  • Aligned projects to the strategic direction of the organisation and prioritised those with the greatest ROI. Thereby pausing initiatives with less strategic importance.

Due to the increased visibility of upcoming requirements, business resources were stood up to address the change hotspots. Thus, increasing the chance of success, and the achievement of organisational outcomes.

The data provided by the Insight product allowed our client to focus their efforts on transformation initiatives aligned directly to their strategy and organisational vision.

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