SharePoint Development and Productivity Tools

Leveraging SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to enhance collaboration and simplify ways of working in your organisation.

Smarter, Simpler Collaboration with SharePoint

Whether you are looking to streamline document management, facilitate seamless collaboration across teams, or enhance communication within your organisation, our smart SharePoint solutions can help.  Our people-centred approach combines organisational goals with the needs of your end-users, for solutions that work for everyone.

How we can make SharePoint work for you:

  • Consulting: We work with you to identify collaboration, communication, or document management roadblocks and work out how SharePoint can help.  
  • Custom Development: If you have a specific problem to solve, we can work with your team to develop custom tools within the SharePoint platform. We’ve developed hundreds of productivity tools for risk management, learning management, online forms and more.
  • Knowledge Management: Struggling to manage critical business information across SharePoint sites? We leverage SharePoint's powerful capabilities to enable seamless sharing, organisation, and information access.  
  • Branding and Templates: Want SharePoint to reflect your brand and ways of working? With the help of our User Experience and Design experts, we can tailor the look and functionality of SharePoint to fit your unique needs.
  • Integration and Automation: As experts in the Microsoft 365 and Azure ecosystems, we can integrate SharePoint with your existing systems and workflows, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.
  • User Training and Adoption Support: Our Change and Learning experts' partner with you to develop comprehensive training and adoption strategies to ensure a smooth transition and integration of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 systems.
  • Support and Maintenance: We can provide dedicated support and maintenance services to keep your SharePoint environment running smoothly.
  • Products and Tools: Purpose-built optimisation tools including Knowledge Portals, Competency Assessment Tools, and Free SharePoint Web Parts, are designed to help you maximise the value of your SharePoint platform.

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