Te Kahu at Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

To enable ACC to smoothly transition to the new Te Kahu system, we designed fit-for-purpose learning material that would cater perfectly to their training needs.

Supporting the Introduction of a New System

Te Kahu is an Oracle cloud-based system that was launched at Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) in early 2022 to replace some of their HR and Finance systems and to introduce a new system for Procurement. The launch of Te Kahu impacted both the teams as well as the stakeholders within ACC.  

Our role was to support the internal learning development team and provide resources for the successful implementation of Te Kahu. This included providing a Training Lead resource who would take over from the outgoing Training Lead.  

The Challenges

Some of the challenges we faced along the way, included: 

  • The need to realign priorities and outcomes for delivery 
  • A significantly constrained timeframe 
  • A new set of assets for distribution across the stakeholder group 
  • COVID-19 precautionary needs. 

Our Approach

Despite these, we were able to develop workable solutions and leverage our internal Sysdoc expertise to create the required eLearning modules, training and simulation videos, and recorded webinars, in record time and with minimum disruption to the stakeholders. 

This was made possible through open discussions and capable stakeholder management, which were key to ensuring sufficient buy-in especially when it came to the new direction and requirements. We were able to solicit the necessary help and direct approvals from the subject matter experts (SMEs), which otherwise may have compromised the timeliness and/or quality of the final deliverables.  

The Outcome

The learning material we developed was engaging and helped the users adapt to the new deployment by: 

  • Minimising dependency on SME face-to-face training  
  • Ensuring availability of just-in-time learning materials that focussed on real-world actions  
  • Providing the means for managers to ensure reporting requirements, team compliance, and onboarding with little external input. 

I want to express my gratitude to the Sysdoc team for a job well done in the Te Kahu project. It has been a challenging project with many pivots required but the end result was a very good one. Sysdoc’s goal as a company was to be easy to work with and I certainly felt that all the way through.






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Stats of Engaging Learning Material Developed:


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Training and simulation videos.


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