Culture Change

Build a positive, engaging workplace culture that aligns with your organisation’s vision, values, and strategy – even through change.

Driving Culture and Behaviour

The culture of an organisation springs from how its people think, feel and behave.

Our Culture Change solutions are designed to help you revitalise your culture, whether to kickstart a shift in mindset, or as a way to navigate major organisational change. We work closely with your leadership team and your people using our tried and tested Flight Path™ methodology as a guide. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the culture change business, we’re able to tap into the current level or stage of your business and help push you forward.

Our People and Culture Approach includes:

  • Building capability, capacity and continuous improvement.
  • Organisational storytelling to lead, re-energise and empower.
  • Using our Culture Camera assessment tool to guide your journey to your target culture.
  • Running a Cultural Web Audit to help you articulate your current organisational culture.
  • Identifying an Employee Value Proposition to attract, engage and retain team members.  
  • Breaking negative cultural cycles with the Unconscious bias workshops.  
  • Driving Leadership Development for culture.
  • Using our Behaviours Framework to pinpoint behavioural patterns.  
  • Creating visual narratives, vision rooms, people change networks, and tone of voice to fit your brand.  
  • Prioritising employee wellbeing.

Whatever the specific services and programmes we use, our goal is bringing your culture and your organisational values to life.

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