Operating Model Design

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Finding Simplicity in Complexity

The key to an effective operating model is finding simplicity in complexity and making sure the full resources of your organisation are aligned to strategy and driving value for your customers. A well-designed model will improve the speed and quality of decision making, release capacity and capability, improve control and governance and lift productivity, engagement and  organisational performance.

With a model that shows clearly how value is created, we can then move on to designing and optimising the core business processes required by designing an organisation structure that brings the model to life, and building the organisational capabilities and behaviours needed.

This includes:

  • Effective business processes: Identifying how the organisation delivers value to its stakeholders, whether shareholders, customers, partners or employees then translating into effective business processes that are widely understood and adopted and under continuous review and improvement.
  • Organisational performance: Working closely with your people to create effective structures that provide alignment, clarity of accountability, engagement, and fit for purpose governance.
  • Capable, confident, committed people: Supporting your people through major learning, engagement and communications and changes to ways of working and culture to ensure everyone understands the model and are motivated and equipped to reach their full potential within it.

Providing a clear and simple model provides a solid foundation for transformation and change.

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