Organisation Design

Build a foundation for business success – starting with your internal structure.

Business Excellence Comes From the Inside

Good organisation design is the core of effective operations – it sets up the roles, responsibilities and decision-making processes you need to succeed.

When you make a major functional or system change, like an ERP implementation, your internal structure may need to change as well. We support you to align change across your organisation, designing your new structure around your operating model or wider business goals.  

We focus on defining accountabilities, designing effective roles, and setting governance arrangements that align with your business culture and ways of working.  

Why process matters  

Key elements of organisation design are thoughtful, effective business processes that are continually reviewed and improved. To maintain this kind of ongoing improvement, roles and responsibilities need to be clearly linked to key processes, particularly where they connect functions or departments, or need decision-making input from a range of stakeholders.  

Once you have effective roles and structures in place, we can support you to develop leadership capability by designing and delivering learning programmes to fit. With effective processes, well-designed roles and a solid structure, you’re better placed to help your organisation reach its full potential.  

Driving decisions with reliable data  

Our approach to design also considers information, data flows and the systems and processes that support them. We’re data experts, and we know that effective operating models rely on accurate data at key points in the system. Ensuring data is accessible, usable, and up-to-date is a crucial part of our job.  

It all comes down to clarity. Our Organisation Design service ensures that everyone in your business knows what’s expected of them, roles and decision-making structures are clear and transparent, and people, data and processes are aligned with your big picture goals.

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