Getting in Shape for Process and System Transformation

An example of Target Operating Model/Organisation Design (TOM/OD) work as part of a major business transformation.

Building Trusted Relationships

Our client, a State Government with full control over public finances, administration, health, education, social care and policing, was mid programme in a move to introduce a full ERP solution based on S/4HANA, SucessFactors and Ariba.

Sysdoc worked as part of a consortium of suppliers supporting a large and complex public body implementing SAP4/HANA, Success Factors, and Ariba across all its areas of operation. We led work on Operating Model, Organisation Design, Process and Procedures, Training, Communication, Culture and Way of Working and Change Management.  

Our Approach

The importance of building trusted relationships was quickly established by using structured enquiry couched in a genuine desire to understand the underlying challenges. Our small team developed a fuller understanding of the actual and perceived value of a multi-service model and used this to test both the business case and arguments for and against, both practical and political. The outcome was a way forward that all concerned could buy into and was firmly anchored in realisable benefits.

Within the scope of work for TOM/OD were two key priorities:

  1. To ensure that the Enabling Functions were set up to fully exploit the opportunities arising from the move to leading practice functional processes and systems.
  2. To take advantage of the potential for greater use of Shared Services.

As well as providing assurance around the various functional models and support the implementation of required changes, we were also able to properly assess the business case for a full ‘multi-service’ shared service and convince the customer to change its route to this model to better manage risk and deliver the right strategic outcome.

Diagram showing operating model canvas

The move to a full Shared Service model is complex and from early discussions it became clear that whilst the case was understood at a logical level, there were concerns about readiness for such a move and genuine questions around the benefits when balanced with the level of disruption involved.  

From our wider engagement with the client, we shared these concerns and were able to consider them in the context of our experience of supporting clients through this type of transition and with the benefit of our own personal scars from when things haven’t gone to plan.

The Outcome

For our client, the way is clear to move forward on the priority of getting new processes and systems in place, whilst moving the model forward at a safer and more effective pace.

Sysdoc have done a great job to get us to this point and I am very grateful, not only for what they have achieved, but also for the way they have gone about it. They have been a pleasure to work with.


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