Flight Path

Sysdoc Flight Path is our simple, smart approach to deliver programmes of improvement, change or complex transformation.

Our Approach

Sysdoc Flight Path applies the principles of aviation to programme delivery (system thinking, robust process, checklists, learning from experience, data driven decision making and a focus on human factors). It is a robust framework rather than a tick box methodology that combines rigour, simplicity and continuous learning to not only successfully deliver programmes but to ensure people are equipped, developed and enabled to succeed in their roles way beyond the life of a programme.

Why Flight Path?
Sysdoc was founded by commercially trained pilot Katherine Corich. Katherine recognised that the systems, processes, and just culture which keep people safe in aviation, were either missing, or over-complicated in business.

Why Sysdoc Project Accelerators?

Aviation Principles

Our aviation heritage and the application of aviation principles to business problems is our Unique Differentiating Point (UDP). It sets us apart in the marketplace and resonates with clients. It is essential that our aviation heritage translates into our organisational DNA, and it not just a story about where we came from. This means that we have to embed the principles, culture and behaviours into everything we do. To achieve this, we have developed the Flight Path approach.


Understanding what they are and how they can influence behaviours and decision making.

Learning from

Capturing lessons learnt ensuring continuous improvement and eliminating repeated mistakes.


Establishing a blame free, Just Culture, changing behaviours to encourage and recognise openness and transparency.


Recognising the value of clearly documented and communicated End-to-End Process and your role in making it work.


Making Data-Driven Decisions, providing an evidence base enabling more dynamic, confident decision making.


Using techniques that provide safe learning environments simulating real world environments and challenges.

Simpler, smarter working.

Our specialist team has been delivering simpler, smarter ways of working since 1986.

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Guy Sorrill

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