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Auckland District Health Board (Auckland DHB) HR Services looked to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HR services, and to enable staff easy and quick access to HR forms.

Time Savings Through Automated Approval Paths

This project, aligned with Auckland DHB’s Together value, enabled time savings through automated approval paths and personalised pre-populated data against user logins. It also supported Auckland DHB’s strategic themes of consistent evidence, informed decision making, intelligence, insight and emphasis on operational and financial stability.


The existing paper-based HR forms were printed out and physically moved between signatories until the form was complete. On final approval, it would be filed away amongst the 25,000 paper-based employee files stored at Auckland DHB. The risks of the existing system included:

•        Creation and maintenance of physical document storage was time-consuming and inefficient

•        Uncontrolled access to sensitive, physical files due to misplacement, theft or loss

•        Physical files can be irreparably damaged through natural disasters or human error

•        Minimal opportunity for process improvement due to space restrictions and content volumes.


The project realised the following benefits:

•        Process improvements in storage, access, and archiving

•        Easy retrieval of forms by HR and staff

•        Development of a governance structure for ongoing management

•        Next-day integration with the HR database

•        Secure access to information limited to HR

•        System workflows aligned with Auckland DHB structure

•        Regular updates to employee status changes

•        Pre-populated forms enabling time savings and easy access to information.

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Reduction in time taken to complete a form.


Forms have been created in the first 12 months.


HR forms are created each month (on average).

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