Leaders of Change Workshop

A human-centred, practical approach to leading change.

The Leaders of Change Programme

Leading organisations through periods of complex, large-scale transformation is not easy. Executive and Senior Leaders are instrumental to the success of transformation programmes.  

Our Leaders of Change programme is designed to facilitate Leaders to workshop collaboratively to define solutions and actions needed to help ensure the change programme is successful, and which immediately adds value to the organisation. Organisational transformation is wholly dependent upon people adopting changes that ultimately support realisation of benefits. The Leaders of Change Programme teaches Leaders how to recognise the value and apply the principles of a human-centred approach during change.    

We work with Senior Leaders to provide practical toolkits which support a successful transformation by ensuring that Executive and Senior Leaders:

  • Recognise the need to create a robust human case for change, linked to strategic objectives.
  • Understand the importance of their role as influencers and drivers of change.
  • Establish the skills and knowledge to effectively lead complex change, minimising risk to the organisation.
  • Know that people, above all else, are key to successful transformation.

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Designed with 30 years of insight into effective change leadership

Using our proven expertise in delivering complex transformation, we apply strategies for leaders where they struggle to meet the needs and expectations of their teams and business.

Flexible content, tailored to your needs with targeted outcomes

The programme is a series of flexible, modular workshops facilitated by our experts at Sysdoc - content can be tailored to meet your needs.

Understanding the change leader’s role and impact.

Helps Leaders understand their role in leading their teams through the delivery of an ERP or other significant change, and how to do this effectively.

Leadership alignment and prioritisation.

Ensures there is Leadership alignment behind the Vision for the change and prioritisation of resources.

Benefits realisation.

Ensures Leaders understand how they can support benefit realisation and use benefits to overcome change resistance.

Role modelling.

Using Leaders’ own Personal Purpose and organisational Storytelling to promote why change is needed and what the future will look like.

Organisational roadblock and risk mitigation.

Identifies organisational blockers and risks that need to be addressed, together with actions required, if the ERP implementation is to be successful.

Adoption, Embed and Sustain activities.

Helps Leaders define strategies for how to embed and sustain the change to optimise adoption.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the Leaders of Change Programme?

The programme is flexible and tailored to meet your needs.  There are six modules, but these can be reduced or targeted based on need.

What level is the programme intended for?

Leaders of Change has been designed for C-Suite and Senior Executives/Directors.

Can Leaders of Change be delivered remotely?

Module workshops are ideally delivered face-to-face but can be adapted for virtual delivery.

How long is each module?

Module workshops are c.2-4 hours in duration in standard format. However, bespoke content can be condensed or changed to meet your needs.

Is there any pre-work required?

Pre-work will be required for some modules e.g. reviewing videos or completing questionnaires.

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